Welcome readers, to A Wild Mikey Appeared.

My name is Michael and this website is my baby. It is my way to channel my thoughts and opinions into words, to then share with the world.

A real man’s man takes selfie in the toilets at work

You can read more about this in my About Me section.

On this website you will see lots of content, including;

  • My Wild World – Stories from my life and the world around me.
  • Wild Opinions – My thoughts on certain things in the world, as well as some reviews, and more.
  • YouTube – A subcategory stemming from My Wild World, featuring YouTube content.
  • Photography – Another subcategory from My Wild World, featuring photos I have taken.
  • Interviews – A rather big passion of mine is interviewing others. This includes anyone from Musicians, to Wrestlers, to Mental Health advocates.
  • #ShareYourStory – A safe place for Mental Health sufferers to share their story, to bring awareness to the world.
  • A Wild Guest Appeared – Guest content can be found here.
  • Information – This is where you will find contact info, as well as a list of Featured Guests.

To contact me for any enquiries or to feature as a guest, please go to my Contact Me page.

I hope you all enjoy my content!
– Michael (#AWMA)

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